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The Akron Soul Train is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

The Soul Train



Amy Mothersbaugh

Creative Conductor (Creative Director)

Nancy Brennan

Station Master (Operations)

Nancy Brennan and Amy Mothersbaugh


Amy Mothersbaugh – Creative Conductor (Creative Director)


Amy owns and operates Studio 2091 at 2091 Front Street in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and for the last 5 years has shown artists from all over the world, hosted group shows, fund raisers, community events and home base for 7 resident artists. New shows in two galleries offered every second Friday or Saturday of the month. More info at


Founded ‘Mobile Art Classes for Everyone’ in 2014, a charitable venture that takes art classes into nursing homes and rehab institutions for the elderly. Donations for art supplies accepted via ‘go fund me’. Amy dreams of expanding the ages served and locations visited by outfitting ice cream trucks with art supplies and bringing art to anyone who does not have the ability to creatively express themselves where they are, Schools with cut budgets, community rec centers, day cares, along with her currently nursing home duties.


Amy has been a muralist for the Akron Zoological park, designing and painting 10,000 square feet of their aquatic exhibit Journey to the Reef on display from 2011-2016. Has painted two Lemur exhibits in 2015. Painted an aquatic interactive exhibit for First Night, downtown Akron’s New Years’ Eve community celebration in 2011. Created a 20-foot-long pink bra sculpture for The Celtic Cancer Club, which has hung on the Akron Civic Theater, and 13 bridges, overpasses and walls along with hundreds of actual bras raising awareness for cancer research. She teamed with latex mold maker, Rick Fisher, aka SikRik Masks, under the name ‘SikMother’ and created seven 9 foot latex tentacles each a pride rainbow color, that were purchased by GG9 and displayed during games and pride events, eventually destined to be gifted to GG10 in Paris, France. She built and painted a 9X9 foot abstract and 6X6 foot abstract featuring octopus art, Painted 7 hooded spandex dance outfits to camouflage into art and surroundings, and painted

a mural live at Beachwood Infiniti Cars’ dealership grand opening (in 10 days) in 2014.


She is in the process of vectoring octopus alphabet art with Kit Watson into a type able font to compliment her art series of pen and ink Octobet art drawings under the team name of 'KitMother’. She is preparing new art for a solo show in Woodstock, NY in 2016.




Nancy Brennan – Station Master (Operations)


Nancy Brennan has been immersed in the world of non-profits and fundraising since her mother, Ann Amer Brennan, had her selling programs at the Junior League tennis tournaments at Memorial Hall in 1974. Ms. Brennan has vast experience in fundraising having co-chaired the Akron Civic Theater Capital Campaign in the early 2000s, chairing Silent Auctions for a number of schools, as well as being one of the co-chairs of the Akron Task Force for the Gay Games. The 2014 Gay Games were the very first games to make a profit. Ms. Brennan has been involved with a multitude of Akron area organizations including Community AIDS Network, Our Lady of the Elms, and 91.3 The Summit. Her daytime job is serving as Vice-President of Brennan Management Group. In the Spring of 2015, Ms. Brennan formed Kasota Artists Management LLC to assist local artists, in managing their businesses. Kasota will be assisting with the operation of the Soul Train.