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The Akron Soul Train is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

AST Redesign Needs




Akron Soul Train (AST) is currently looking to identify a partner to assist us in the development and design of a

rebrand for the organization. The existing AST website was launched in 2016 as an immediate reaction to

winning a 2015 Knight Arts Challenge. The artist residency village will be built in fall 2017 and we need to

ensure our logo meets our needs and in turn design a new website and additional collateral materials. We

hope to identify a partner who will work with us to assist us in identifying the best strategies to move forward.

Akron Soul Train will open in fall 2017 with two residential studios, office space, public restrooms, a gallery,

and storage. Descriptions of materials needed for each aspect of the organization can be found on the

following pages.

Our services include:

o Residential fellowships for multi-disciplinary artists

o Workshops and classes for the public

o Exhibitions and local entertainment

o Wellness classes and programs




AST created its logo and website and determined its font and color scheme without any professional

marketing involvement. Due to the organization’s immediate need to create an online presence, the current

materials were created but never analyzed nor critiqued by the board and other stakeholders. At this time,

AST will open its doors this fall (date TBD by end of August) and so the visual representation needs to fit with

the organization and be an appropriate representation of who we are and how we want to be seen.




AST is seeking a provider to create the following:


Visual Representation

     o Logo

     o Is the logo an appropriate representation?

     o We like the simplicity

     o Need fonts that translate to digital format

     o Must be easy to read and print with tagline incorporated

     o No pictures

o Color

     o Currently use a green (PMS 382 C), but want a change due to the saturation of companies using a lime green color.

     o Board likes nature colors, retro, and hip, but also something with longevity.

o Collateral Materials

     o Business Card Template

     o Letterhead



We would like to have three identities upon which to select a final. One identity should include a

revision of our current logo.



     o User friendly

     o Provides detailed information about our services and offerings

     o Easy to add or modify content.

     o Finished web site must allow AST to easily manipulate the layout and content in order to allow for frequent changes

     o Must allow use of Strype for online payments

     o Must incorporate coding from Bloomerang database system for easy access between website and database

     o Be able to track unique visitors

     o Must be responsive web design for all devices

     o Include a map

             o Proposed layout

             o Home page

             o Supporting/donors/grantmakers/memberships

             o About Us (mission, vision, etc)

             o Contact us

             o Board & staff

             o In the News

             o Northside District

             o Calendar: Events/workshops/exhibits (aka calendar)

             o Fellowships (current artists info & pix)

             o For potential Artists

             o Shop (eventually)


All text, copy and photography will be provided by AST.



AST has a budget of $5,000 for the project. In exchange for some in-kind services, AST would be pleased to

discuss opportunities for us to highlight your business online, in social media, and at our finished village.



Danielle Thompson

Development Director


AST is committed to ensuring the diversity of its board, staff, volunteers, and programming. We accomplish this through leadership, values, policies, and practices. We define diversity in terms of race, color, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical disabilities, age, parental status, and socio-economics. We respect different experiences and cultures across this diversity and will work to create a culture in which diverse people feel supported, recognized, and rewarded in making their best contributions to the mission of our organization.


The board membership and talent pipeline shall be made up of smart, talented,engaged, and knowledgeable women and men from diverse racial, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, cultural, professional, and class backgrounds. The board will develop and implement ongoing plans for its sustainable visibility, outreach, and recruitment to diverse communities. The board shall monitor and report its progress toward these goals annually. The board and staff will adopt appropriate benchmarks to measure annual progress. In the event that AST is not meeting the benchmarks, AST will evaluate what additional and more aggressive steps must be taken to meet the benchmarks.